Evolve Tone

Customizable Hands-free Muscle Toning

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Evolve Tone


During the procedure, TONE’s applicators emit electromagnetic energy to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions.

You will feel your muscles contract and the treatment can be adjusted progressively by our surgeons to your comfort level with a Patient Call Button in this InMode device. The treatment can be done in 4 sessions of 30 minutes, each performed over a two-week period.

As this is a quick and painless treatment, you can return to your normal activities immediately. Redness and warmth in the treated area could occur, and will subside after a few hours.

You can rest comfortably while TONE targets specific muscle groups to increase muscle strength and refine the look of your muscles.


specific areas that require restructuring. Achieve a slimmer, younger-looking appearance in a short time!

Best results when used with EVOLVE Trim

Reduce the appearance of cellulite with a safe non-surgical procedure!

No worries about anesthesia, surgical scars or downtime!

We can treat your back, arms, knees, thighs and abdomen with this safe, gentle and effective body remodeling solution.

This procedure helps to reshape your body along with

  • Improving the appearance of the skin

  • Reducing dimpled skin, and

  • Improving elasticity

TRIM’s 6 hands-free applicators attach to patient belts and are applied to specific treatment areas, allowing for multiple areas to be treated simultaneously in just one session