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Drip Essentials


IV Vitamin Infusions

IV Vitamin Therapy Benefits:

  • Immunity boost

  • Pain relief in joints and muscles

  • Energy boost

  • Allergy relief

  • Improved mood

  • Kills viruses

  • Headache and migraine relief

  • Antioxidants

  • Treats upper-respiratory conditions

  • Insomnia relief

  • Anxiety and depression relief

  • And much more!

Our Drips

Drip Hydration

Drip Hydration

Proven to be effective for:

  • Acute Asthma Attacks
  • Migraines
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle spasms
  • Upper-respiratory infections
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Seasonal allergic rhinitis
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • And much more!
Drip Fatigue

Drip Fatigue

  • Proven to be effective for:

  • High levels of physical/mental stress

  • Heavy workload

  • Frequent traveling

  • Jet lag

  • Poor eating habits

  • Detox

Drip De-Stress

Drip De-Stress

Proven to be effective for:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Stress-induced migraines
  • Tension headaches
  • Cluster headaches
  • Hormonal headaches
  • Hypertension headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Pain and chronic pain syndrome (CPS)
Drip Athlete

Drip Athlete

Proven to be effective for:

  • Muscular performance
  • Inhibited blood flow
  • Dehydration
  • Low endurance
  • Aches and inflammation
Drip Immunity

Drip Immunity

Proven to be effective for:

  • Acute viral and bacterial infections
  • Weak immune system
  • Symptoms of acute and chronic illness
Drip Lipo-Suction

Drip Lipo-Suction

Proven to be effective for:

  • Fat transport
  • Low metabolism
  • Weight loss
  • Cardiovascular health
Drip  Beauty

Drip Beauty

Proven to be effective for:

  • Clearing up acne
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightens skin
  • Helps with fatigue

Our Booster Shots

Skinny Shot

Skinny Shot

See Below.

Super Boost

Super Boost

A blend of amino acids to surge metabolism and improve mental concentration (can be given once a week, Intramuscular Injection).

Sunshine Boost

Sunshine Boost

Pure Vitamin D, can relieve inflammation, improve bone health, help seasonal depression, improve energy & mood (can be given once a week, intramuscular injection).

Beauty Boost

Beauty Boost

100% Pure Rich Biotin, promotes the growth of healthy hair, improves thin brittle nails, helps to grow and strengthen hair, great for anti-aging (can be given once a week, intramuscular injection).

B-12 Boost

B-12 Boost

Pure Vitamin b12, improves fatigue, weakness, mood and metabolism levels (can be given by the patient at home in subcutaneous tissue or given in office once weekly).

Our Skinny Shots

Each Skinny Booster Shot includes the following:


B vitamin that aids in the metabolism of fats, helps reduce blood cholesterol and control mood & appetite


Amino acids that are essential for the health of your liver.

Vitamin B-12

Helps to form new, healthy cells in the body, gives you a huge energy boost which helps you to burn calories.


Required for the transport and metabolism of fats and cholesterol within the body.


Acts as amino acid agents to prevent excess fat buildup in the liver & body, Helps in relieving or preventing fatigue and may be useful in some cases of allergies because it reduces histamine release.


There are two recommendations for Skinny Shots

Patients can give themselves the shot (subcutaneous injection in belly or thigh, small tiny needle) or receive them in office

  • 2-3 x weekly for 6 -8 weeks, then 4 times a month (be can given yearly)
  • 1x daily for 30 days (patients can repeat a 30-day injection regimen every other month)

Both ways are effective for energy and weight loss! Patients see on average 15-20 pounds of weight loss within a 6-8 week period!