5 Places Where the Body Stores Excess Fat

When it comes to gaining and losing weight, not all areas of the body are created equally. In fact, some parts of the body are much more prone to storing excess fat than others. Many of our clients who come to us in search of body sculpting services wish to target these “problem areas,” where they just can’t seem to shed those extra pounds, no matter how hard they try. In this article, we discuss five of the most common places for the body to store excess fat, and how our non-invasive, non-surgical body sculpting treatments and weight loss solutions can help. Contact our medspa in Willoughby Hills to learn about our medical weight loss and body sculpting services today.

Upper Arms

As we age, our upper arms begin to lose their elasticity and accumulate excess fat, resulting in large, loose flaps of skin that swing when we raise or shake our arms This phenomenon, often referred to as “bingo wings,” causes many women significant distress. Bingo wings can also appear when a person loses a significant amount of weight, causing them to have large areas of redundant skin where the fat was once stored. While many people think that gaining weight in your upper arms is irreversible, bingo wings can, in fact, be significantly reduced with the type of non-invasive body sculpting treatments that we offer here at Aesthetic Essentials.


Many of our clients come to us complaining about excess fat in their abdomen. Both men and women tend to store excess fat in the middle region of the body, with sugar and hormones being the most common culprits. A thick middle is often a sign that your body isn’t handling insulin very well, meaning that, in addition to lowering many people’s self-esteem, a large stomach can also significantly harm your health. This is because fat in the stomach (sometimes referred to as “visceral fat”) packs around vital organs in the body, making a large stomach a risk factor for such harmful conditions as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. Fortunately, body sculpting treatments and medical weight loss solutions have been shown to be highly effective in reducing visceral fat.


You might have heard the term “love handles” before; this refers to the excess skin that extends outward from the hip area, which is — you guessed it — another place that your body stores excess fat. Like the other problem areas on this list, love handles are the result of fat retention due to high calorie intake and/or hormones, age, lack of physical activity, sleep deprivation, and undiagnosed or untreated conditions that slow down your metabolism, such as hyperthyroidism. Love handles may indicate underlying risk factors for chronic illnesses, including high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, and more. Our BTL Vanquish body sculpting procedure is a great way to target love handles in a series of only four 30-minute treatments.


“Double chins,”or excess fat in the chin area, affects both men and women and, as with the bingo wings, are the result of fat retention and skin loosening as you age, causing a “wobbly” appearance. While many over-the-counter products claim to help you reduce chin fat, one of the most effective ways that you can get rid of your double chin is through a targeted body sculpting treatment, such as those provided by our state-of-the-art medspa in Willoughby Hills.


Hormones and age cause many women to gain fat around the pelvis, bottom, and thighs. Many of our clients wish to lose fat in their lower body, particularly their thighs. Thicker thighs can make it harder to move and cause painful chafing (“chub rub”), not to mention that they are yet another indicator of potential health problems. The thighs are also a common area for cellulite — fat deposits beneath the skin that result in a lumpy, dimpled appearance. Unwanted cellulite can result in lower self-esteem for many women, and therefore an overall lower quality of life. At Aesthetic Essentials, both our BTL Vanquish and BTL Exilis non-invasive body sculpting procedures can lift, firm, and tighten the thighs to reduce the appearance of cellulite. When used in conjunction with our medical weight loss program, the result is a visible loss of fat in your thighs quicker than you ever thought possible!


A “bra roll” or “bra bulge” refers to that annoying band of excess fat that is stored in your back around the bra area. This creates a fold of skin above the waistline or a bulge that peeks out of a bra band; not exactly the look that many women are going for. Back fat is often caused by poor diet, a lack of cardio exercise, or a sedentary lifestyle. For many women, however, even when they lose weight, they still can’t seem to shake off their bra roll. Spot-targeted body sculpting with the BTL Exilis fat reduction and tightening procedure at Aesthetic Essentials is a great way to finally eliminate your back fat for good.

Feel Confident and Look Great With Aesthetic Essentials

It is rare to find a woman who has not gone through the painful experience of having excess fat or cellulite in an area that they do not want it. These “problem areas” have been sources of shame for centuries, but spot-targeting excess fat is finally possible, thanks to the revolutionary power of body sculpting treatments, like BTL Vanquish and BTL Exilis. These non-surgical procedures lift, firm, and tighten all of your problem areas from head to toe with no downtime! They are suitable for all skin types and especially beneficial for specific areas of unwanted fat or cellulite. When used in conjunction with one of our medical weight loss programs, clients can expect to see life-changing results.

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